9. Dec, 2018

First parents evening

Tuesday 9th October

Today was Rainbow's first parents evening at school.

Where do I start that is the question?

Well Rainbow's dad didn’t turn up. He knew the date and what time I would be there.

But for what ever reason he just didn’t turn up. Anyway that’s another story.


For the past couple of weeks, I have had several niggles, going round my head.

Rainbow starting school, she obviously brings home reading books, phonics and homework. Going through the phonics she seems to be struggling to pick up the sounds and now she should apparently be trying to put the sounds together to make a word. Eg s-a-t makes the word sat.

She seems to be really struggling,  getting frustrated and losing interest.

Rainbow also has struggled to form her letters when trying to write her own name. Don't get me wrong, we been focusing on writing her own name and I have to say in the last few days she has improved.

You can now make out that it is her name that she has written. But she still has difficulty forming the letters correctly and often misses out a letter or two.


Its been playing on my mind, as I had/have Dyslexia when I was younger.

Unfortunately I was only diagnosed with it once I reached secondary school and had it quite severe.

I had to have extra 1:1 lessons, each week, was mad to feel stupid and thick throughout my childhood.

All this lead to my low self-esteem and low confidence.

If Rainbow is following in my footsteps as to say, then all I can ask if that it's diagnosed as early as it can be.

That the relevant steps are put in place to help and support her in her development. That she is never made to feel how I felt ever. That she just needs to try her best that is all we want.

Rainbow's teacher had a list of targets that Rainbow is to work on this next term. Which actually includes getting dressed/undressed herself for P.E (which is more the sequence of which item to do first)

When I explained my concerns, she did say that Dyslexia would explain why Rainbow may be struggling with her targets.

She has moved Rainbow to different group, which has a bit more adult support, than the original one she put Rainbow in.

The plan is to continue to monitor Rainbow over the next term. See if she picks up the sounds and phonics herself, through the work and books, we use currently.

If not then there are different strategies and ways to help her. Dyslexia isn't usually diagnosed till year 1 at the easiest  but there are steps we can do to help Rainbow before then hopefully if needs be.


Sunday 9th December 2018

It's been two whole months since Rainbow's first parents evening.

She has two weeks left at school and then this half-term will be over. Its crazy how fast time has gone since Rainbow has started school. She seems to have grown up so much lately.

I have to say that Rainbow's reading and writing has come on so much since her parents evening two months ago.

She still struggles blending some words together and needs a little support. But she is doing really well.

Fingers crossed that it continues.