4. Jul, 2018

Rainbow's pre-school bucket list

Its been a couple of months since we found out what school Rainbow will be going to in September.

I still cant quite believe my baby is starting school.

I've still got mixed feelings about how I feel about my baby starting school, has I'm sure any parents has with their first born starting big school.


I've decided that Rainbow and I should do a Pre-school bucket list of things we would like to do together before she starts school in September.

Once Rainbow starts school, even though I currently work 4 days a week it just feels like we will have less time together. So I want to make it as fun as I can for us both. I want to spend some quality time together and made memories to last forever.


I thought if I write it down, we will more likely do it then if its just an idea in my head.


So here is our pre-school bucket list 2018


Visiting a local aquarium  

Going for a picnic

Going to the park

Day at the beach

Going for a walk in our local hills

Visiting a zoo

Visiting a farm

Going to the cinema

Go swimming

Go on holiday together

Play together in the garden

A day out with my partner and his kids

Visit our local ice cream shop

Day of baking

Visit the library


We have managed to already tick a couple off our list(in blue), which is lovely.

Lots more to do over the next couple of months x


19th september we managed to get most of the bucket list done but there are a few things left to do. (in pink)

I hope to continue to complete the rest during the half term.